The Sims 4 Discover University

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  • This pack opens up the world of Britechester, where they can choose between two universities: University of Britechester and the Foxbury Institute. The latter, a prestigious fifty-year-old university with a modern and up-to-date campus, is sponsored by the subtly named Landgraab family who have featured in previous Sims games.

    Your Sim moves onto campus (or gets an off-campus apartment, if they prefer) and signs up for classes – more about those below – and they can enjoy a full and realistic college experience, playing juice pong, planning and executing stunts and high-fiving the campus mascot whenever their paths cross.

    Along with college life comes a range of new items not previously needed or mentioned. These include bathroom stalls, bicycles on which your Sim can travel around campus to be sure of getting to class on time, drones so your Sim can document their university experience by recording footage and taking photographs to send to the News Channel – they can also make skill videos or travel videos depending on their area of interest.